Try It Awards – offer small amounts of funding of up to £500, for individuals to try out their ideas. This might mean finding out if their idea is viable, learning more about what is needed and trying the project on a small scale first. The Award provides an opportunity for individuals not yet used to managing large sums of money or planning larger projects to take the first steps towards starting their own project and gaining the skills needed to run it. The funding enables individuals to progress at their own pace with the right support to develop the entrepreneurial skills they will require to, in some cases, take on larger projects.

Do It Awards – are for up to £5,000 allowing individuals to grow an entrepreneurial idea. Do It Awards are for individuals that are confident their project will work and have the basic skills to do it. Award Winners who have completed Try It Awards may now feel confident enough and have honed their ideas to be able to develop their project.

Other people may come straight in at this level as they demonstrate they have the energy and skills to take forward an idea that has some project planning already in place.

Previous Award Winners – for those applicants who were successful in the 2012/13 Competition, further funding may be available to develop your ideas over the next 3 months. Further information will be provided in the near future.

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