Andrew Wilkinson, CEO.

Welcome to UMI³, the University’s innovation company, standing for inspire, invent, innovate. UMI³ has two operational divisions: its Innovation Centre (UMIC) with state-of-the-art incubator premises and a vibrant enterprise conferencing and networking centre, and its intellectual property commercialisation services (UMIP).

Our mission is very clear: bringing as much of the University’s ground-breaking inventions and software, as is relevant, into the commercial world. This we do principally by attracting entrepreneurs, investors and corporate venture partners to our campus and innovation centre and then, through engagement with our academic colleagues, licensing or spinning out companies.

This is tremendously important and enjoyable work. All of the brilliant ideas which are generated by the University’s researchers have the potential to save lives, improve health, increase efficiencies in industry and the environment, and otherwise enhance society and make positive contributions to our economy.

Our vision is clear too: to be recognised widely for the excellent quality and consistency of successful and distinctive approaches to our work.

We’ve already seen a lot of this happening at Manchester over many years, as you might expect from a fine university in the world’s first modern city. This is where the IT revolution was started, in 1948, by building the world’s first stored programmed computer and where Rutherford carried out his experiments on atomic theory and with Hans Geiger, co-invented the Geiger counter. More recently, University spin-outs have produced “firsts” in scale-up of technologies with commercial applications, from quantum dot manufacture (Nanoco) to the treatment of radioactive waste (Arvia).

Just as our academic colleagues at Manchester push the boundaries all of the time with their astounding science, engineering, technology, business and humanities insights and developments, we hope to match their dedication and commitment in our contribution through technology transfer to assisting the University’s overall ambition to be one of the world’s top 25 universities by 2020.

Andrew Wilkinson, CEO.
UMI³ is wholly-owned by The University of Manchester