Case Studies

STORM: A programme developed to train professionals across all sectors to develop skills-based self-harm risk assessment and management

Ketso: A hands-on kit for creative engagement which offers a structured way to run a workshop

Give Me Tap: Is the UK’s first water refill network where cafes and restaurants can attract customers by offering people free tap water

Beyond Coffee: Takes ‘health to the high street’ providing a place for local people to meet and relax and a training space where health promotion services are delivered

Media Savvy Training Solutions: Promotes education, employability and creativity through digital arts and media

The Forest Project: Purchases brownfield sites and redundant land and turns these into new forests, community orchards and nature reserves to create a better environment for people, plants and animals

Gaea Naturals: Is an environmental company providing innovative solutions for industrial waste water recycling. Its low initial investment, energy efficient, sustainable and cost saving products can be used in efficient utilization of water in industries such as paper and pulp, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil refineries and chemicals manufacturing

Limbs Alive: Specialises in the rehabilitation of the hand and arm for people of all ages who have hemiplegia, often through stroke

Festaxi: Is an on-site transport service that operates at festivals and other types of outdoor events

LILAC: means Low Impact Living Affordable Community. LILAC is a pioneering project which aims to build a community of 20 homes and a common house to high ecological standards using cohousing design principles